Ups and Downs

Been a while (too long) since my last blog post so plenty to catch up on.

First, I’ve had to finally face facts and pull out of the UTMB for this year. My ankle is still far too weak to cope with regular off-road running and a 100 mile ultra marathon is not really a race you can go into with any doubts about your fitness! I’m doing lots of work on the ankle to regain its full range of motion but it’s a slow process. Fingers crossed for the UTMB draw next year (in terms of both being fit enough to enter and then getting selected) otherwise all my qualifying points will expire and I’ll have to start the whole process again!

So, that leaves plenty of room for some other races, and the plan is to concentrate on tri upto Alpe d’Huez at the end of July, with Bala Middle in a weeks time then A Day In The Lakes in three weeks. After that a switch to a run focus for Chester Marathon on 9th October, aim to get in shape for a PB after missing London with the ankle injury.

Getting back into proper triathlon training has been a bit of a shock to the system, I’d forgotten just how organized you have to be to fit upto 9 training sessions in around a job (and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the alarm going at 5:50am for a morning swim session). I was lucky that April and the start of May had a settled spell of good weather and a whole slew of Bank Holidays which gave plenty of opportunities to get the cycling back up to speed, including a couple of fun MTB rides on perfect dusty trails in the Peak. Swimming has been going pretty well too, probably swimming as well as I ever have.

Running has been a bit more problematic, some good consistent runs with plenty of quality (weekly tempo and track sessions, the latter under the watchful eye of Paul Savage) but since the desperately hilly Eyam Half Marathon (450m of up and down!) three weeks ago I have been struggling with calf problems which meant a DNS at the Snowdonia Slateman triathlon (I’m racking up record numbers of DNSes this year!) and very limited running since, but fingers crossed I’m over this now.

I did manage to start a race yesterday, a 25 mile time trial on the infamous J2/9 course; I didn’t finish it unfortunately due to a road closure after a motorbike crash. Happy with my form though as I held my target 270 Watts for the 50 minutes of racing I did do and was possibly heading for a course PB.

Bala middle next weekend where with a bit of luck I’ll both start and finish!



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