ITU World Triathlon Grand Final London AG Sprint

I’m far too late with this update so will only say a few words and stick some photos up.

Training for the race was hard and I spent 5 weeks feeling knackered most of the time in a desperate attempt to catch up after a 4 week break. A decent taper had me in reasonable shape come race day though.

The whole event was really good, despite some lacklustre weather. Great racing from the elites and interesting to spend a bit of time in central London.

My race went pretty well all in all. The swim was OK, manic at the start as usual but soon calmed down. Transition was huge. The bike was very wet and caution was required on the bends and dead turns, but even so it was a lot of fun. The run was harder than expected but once my legs got going I put down a competitive split. Here’s a video of me finishing and overall I came 38th in my age group (out of 108) which I was happy with.

What’s next? The switch has been made for a winter of long distance plodding and I’ve not swum a stroke since London!







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